Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Part II

Oh my goodness! I cleaned, organized, & re-decorated so much this week that I am sore! Aside from home stuff, I took Ava to see Dora, visited with my aunt, sister, brother-in-law, two of my high school friends, and our friends from Alabama. I have had a wonderful week away from the stresses of teaching!! If you looked at my "Spring Break Part I," you know that I have been BUSY!

Here's some things in my kitchen...
I love all of my colorful printed hand towels except they don't really dry well. I just use them for decorations.

I redecorated the top of my 'fridge. The super cute polka dotted invitation is for my sister & bro-in-law's housewarming party! More about that later this week.

chalkboard/back splash

I added this plate and red towel (love the Better Homes & Garden line at Wal-Mart) to my master bathroom to help it 'flow' with my new red curtains.

My sweet hubby gave me these curtains for Valentines Day- I love them! They're from Pottery Barn, but he ordered them from eBay which means half the price for these! Well, I really like them against my blue walls, but my comforter was white....I tried dying all my bedding in tea. Wow, what a mess! I'll try anything once though. I did find this queen-size duvet cover at Goodwill for less than $10. My friend, Jamie, gave me these lamps last week because she bought new ones- yay!

The great room- I re-hung a few things in here, painted the coffee table from cream to orange (left-over from my dining room: Sherwin-Williams Foxy) and distressed it a bit. I love it! The room really needed some more color!

re-decorated this table...changed lamps...

front door decor
not finished with it...

I love fresh flowers!

temporary dining room table centerpiece

My "new" buffet!! This dresser was my great-aunts, then my parents, then mine, then Ava's changing table, and now it's a buffet. I painted it Sherwin-Williams Watery (I borrowed it from Brittany- she painted her master bedroom this color). I bought the value package of pulls from Target.

I hung plates over my window- all yard sale & Goodwill finds. I brought in the rug from my bedroom. Remember, I am planning to recover these chairs & have curtains made, but I'm really proud that the dining room looks like a room now! We've lived here for two years, and I'm just now getting it looking homey in this area.

Hearth room/Breakfast area

Ava's big girl room update:

I changed the pulls on this chest of drawers.

Ava's twin bed- I picked up this piece of fence from a dumpster over a year ago. It works now for her headboard. I got the shabby chic sheets from Target and the comforter from eBay.

Ava's bathroom:

Guest room/Ava's library:)

Remember my list? Well, I have marked off all but 5 items!

Happy Spring.

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  1. Everything looks fabulous! You are so creative! I can't wait to see everything in person! You got some great bargains too!


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