Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break Part I

Happy Spring Break, My Teacher Friends!

First of all, I can't believe I'm posting these pictures; however, it will make my work this week more understandable! I'm on SPRING BREAK from teaching! It's a great feeling!! Here's a typical day in the life of me:
5:30- Rise & Shine
7:00- Leave home & take Ava to Mimi & Papa's house
7:30-3:15 Teach 11th grade U.S. History
3:30- Pick up Ava, visit with my parents
4:15- Gym (Ava loves the nursery)
5:15-8:00- Grocery store/home/bathe Ava/play with Ava/cook supper/attempt to clean house/laundry/dishes...
8:00- Ron comes home from work
8:00-10:00- We visit, eat supper, catch up on a recorded show. Bed!
I also teach 4 classes at the local community college and have to squeeze in the grading papers, phone calls, emails, and lesson planning whenever possible! Teaching is rewarding, but it is a constant job & certainly one that comes home with me often! I definitely look forward to each break & have a 'to do' list for each break...
And if it weren't enough encouragement to do it for me, we have 'outatown' guests arriving next weekend who've never been to our new house! Talk about motivation to get moving around here! For me though, I usually work well under pressure.

Do you have a hard time knowing what to put in containers and vases and pieces of pottery sometimes? I do. I'll look in stores and often don't buy anything. Today, I decided to get some items at House to Home (a great discounted home decor store in Southaven, MS). I bought all of this for less than $50, this stuff can add up quickly. I know it'll improve several rooms though.

I'm transitioning Ava's room to a big girl room this week. Ron & I moved her crib to the attic last week and just put a twin mattress on her floor to get her adjusted. I found a comforter on eBay and sheets at Target, so I just have to get in there and clean and decorate. I'm excited!

Here's our guestroom where Ron & I have been sleeping for about 2-3 weeks while I've been redecorating our room (code for there's laundry covering our bed, and I've been extremely busy!:).

And here's the laundry room, I mean master bedroom that will be spotless and pretty very soon...

Also, I've moved Ava's dresser to the dining room, and it'll will get a new coat of paint and pulls this week = buffet! We also rearranged and added a rug from our bedroom.

I'm pretty sure my sister is laughing at me right now because she knows that no matter how horrible everything looks now, by Friday night when our Alabama friends arrive, it'll be as clean & organized as can be!!! Ha!


  1. I love it !! great tips as usual Brooke :) you are wonder woman and I admire you:0 love ya

  2. I am so glad to see those pictures, Brooke! I was seriously beginning to think things were always perfect at your house! Although, I am a tad bit jealous yours will all be clean by next week! (Mine still will need much more work!)

  3. Can't wait to see the final project! It will look fabulous! Have a fun week!


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