Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Reflections & 2010 Resolutions

2009 Reflections:
  • I'm thankful for a closer relationship with my husband. We've focused more on our life together. We're truly best friends!
  • Watching Ava grow from a baby into a little girl has been amazing (and bittersweet). She is JOY!
  • I started a part-time teaching job at the local community college in addition to my full-time job, which is an answer to prayer, because it opened a door of opportunity and hopefully, a full-time job in my NEAR future:) I was also blessed beyond words in my full-time teaching job.
  • Ron & I started a REAL budget, and we've stuck to it- what a difference that makes!
  • I've been able to do lots of decorating in my home throughout 2009. I still have lots to do, but it is looking good considering we've only been in it 2 years- it just takes a while (especially when on a budget:).
  • I learned the art of thrift shopping- yard sales are my favorite hobby! It is such a blast to get a deal and do it with one of my favorite people in the universe-my sister, Brittany!
  • More than ever I learned that good health is a gift from GOD and can never be taken for granted. I watched as my 84 year old grandmother quickly went from a healthy, independent woman to very sick and dependent. She went to be with Jesus in August. I also witnessed how horrible cancer is when my beautiful, 30-year old friend lost her battle in November and left behind a loving husband and precious daughter. Health is truly a gift. Don't take it for granted.
  • This year I was once again reminded of the healing power of the Lord when the 10th anniversary of my mother's health crisis passed with her still here!
2010 Resolutions:
  • Spend more time in personal Bible study and prayer time (put it first over blogging, Facebook, ...)
  • Pray as a family daily.
  • Well, this one is super-predictable: Lose 20 pounds! Do it through eating healthier and smaller portions and exercising 4 or more times per week. I want to run the half-marathon with my sister next December- boy, do I have a lot of work to do!
  • Continue with our budget system and getting out of debt!!
  • Do more for others.
  • Finish home decor projects/wants: curtains, buffet, armoire, ...

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  1. Hello! Sounds like overall you had a blessed 2009 - praise! You've got a good looking list for 2010. I may just have to borrow it (except I need to drop more than 20!).


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