Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Family Vacation: Part I

Ron and I woke up bright & early Sunday morning to finish packing (shoving) things into the car. He decided he wanted to fish on this trip, so his gear took up some room along with the fact that I majorly over pack too! Once our coffee gave us a boost, we were like little kids on Christmas morning! Ha! The last time we were on the Florida coast was when we went with friends back in 2004. After leaving home, turning around to get Ron's wallet, and starting again, we were off to pick up the girls from Mimi & Papa's house where they had spent the last two nights. Ava was watching for us, practically jumping up and down. After visiting with them a little while, we hit the road! With only two short stops along the way, we arrived at our destination around 3:45 just in time for check-in. The ride wasn't bad at all. We let Ava watch a couple of movies, and Addison took some cat naps. She was so funny to watch in the car with all of her dancing and little personality.

So thankful to be traveling with these girls!
Getting close! All the water is mesmerizing.

I recommend this area! We are in walking distance of lots of things, so that's been fun too! The beach is beautiful!
Our home for the week

The view from our balcony

Our first meal was at our hotel's restaurant. There were birds everywhere, and Addison could barely eat for watching them. She said, "Bird" over and over:)

Ready to build our first sandcastle! Why is it so much harder that it looks? Ha!

She ate sand the first day and after that just played in it.
Lunch at Pegleg Pete's... filled up on seafood!

On our way out to dinner at McGuire's which has been featured on Food Network and the Today's Show. It was lots of fun!
On Tuesday night, we met our friends who were vacationing in Destin for dinner. We sat on the deck overlooking lots of water and boats. It was so cozy with the rain on the water and great food and company! Here's Addison playing peekaboo with Mr. Ben.

Having a little pushpop for a snack;) Mamaw Brassel would be proud!

This sweet picture was right before the seagulls chased them! I thought Ava was going to hyperventilate!

Love this chunky monkey!

Having dinner with Emily, Anna Claire, Caroline, & Sarah was a treat for Ava!

Well, the rain and humidity was harsh...

The pretty entrance into the restaurant and yes, Ron shaved his head when we got here. Lol!



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