Friday, July 19, 2013

Addison: 12 months & a First Birthday Party!

Addison is one! (Actually now she's 14 months, 1 week, & 2 days because I've been a terrible blogger- again.) I have good intentions...
She crawls around the house with rapid speed, but still hasn't decided to walk which really is fine- it makes her seem more like a baby:). She has six teeth and always seems to be teething, so teething tablets are my best friend. Baby gates have been installed on the stairs, and the baby proofing cabinets may be next. Addison loves to take things out and climb inside. This baby is a mommy's girl, no doubt!
It's my birthday?

On her actual birthday, we met Papa & Mimi for some Mexican food. The staff sang to her and she wasn't sure what to think about that especially when they put whipped cream on her face. She figured it out though;)

Papa LOVES his babies!

And I can't help but do these side by sides on milestones. They each have their own look, but there's no denying they're sisters!
smash cake
Addison's first birthday party was a few days after her birthday. I was so relieved that the rain stopped, and the weather was PERFECT. We put out quilts on the drive way and the kids played and adults visited, and I probably relaxed for the first time in days. Ha!
My sister and my mom are the best at helping me pull parties together. Brittany usually has to tell me to take a deep breath and chill.
Another thing that I mentioned last year was that a helper during the party takes major stress off. Our sweet friend Emily helped me. And our friend Stacey took pictures during the party, so I didn't feel the need to walk around with a camera all night. Yay.


  1. Super cute post, party, and family! You did great!


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