Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Ava Karis!

You have brought such sunshine to our lives since the moment you arrived five years ago. I'm in awe of the little girl you've become. You are sweet, kind, thoughtful, funny, beautiful, compassionate, silly, smart, and joyful. The past three months of watching you become a big sister have been wonderful; you are so sweet to Addison and so helpful to Mommy and Daddy. Your favorite things right now are baby dolls, swimming, princesses, dressing up, watching movies with Daddy, reading books with me, holding your sister, playing with your cousin and friends, riding your new bike, making up songs, and doing art projects. You say such funny and grownup things. I love how you use big words, and you use them correctly (except awkward-- we're still working on that;)!
For your 5th birthday, we had a family party at the Mexican place per your request. Mammaw, Uncle Danny, Aunt Kayla, Papa, Aunt Brittany, Uncle Job, Reid, Daddy, Addison, and I were there (Mimi was recovering from shoulder surgery). You got so tickled when the servers sang "Happy Birthday" to you and put whipped cream on you & Reid.
Now, about six weeks later we're getting ready to have a birthday party with your friends at our new house! Looking forward to lots of fun!
I love you to the moon and back,

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