Saturday, April 9, 2011

Before & Afters: Wall Art

I hate to miss a potentially good yard sale weekend, but a few things kept me home this morning: I went through $70 in gas in five days; Brittany had to work; and I am just plain exhausted (April is a tough month for teachers!). So Ava and I will be hanging today!! :)
I can't wait to show before & after pics of the home I'm working on... Hopefully by the end of the month that makeover will be complete! Before I shop retail for a client's house, I shop their belongings. I make a list of stuff I can use or re-purpose. Big wall art is pricey; luckily Shannon had three large mirrors (a bit outdated) that I am able to paint! Here are some of the thrifty projects for Shannon's home:

We found this in her attic.
I spray painted it blue and painted over the mirror with chalkboard paint. I have a little more touching up to do on all of these, but I just got so HOT outside today!
This is a very large, heavy mirror!
It got a coat of black spray paint (can you tell how messy I am when working on projects?!). Again, when it cools off outside, this will get some touch up paint!
another large mirror
This one got a coat of ivy green spray paint. I love this fun color! 

So for about $20 in supplies and a couple hours in labor, these three mirrors got a new look! AND I am able to designate the decor budget to other areas!!


  1. Again, so creative! I love the green mirror especially since you can see Ava looking at herself! How sweet!

  2. Great finds! I especially love the chalkboard - would never have thought of that.


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