Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December festivities

Tonight was our church's annual ladies' banquet. I decided to volunteer to be a table hostess this year, and my friend Shari joined me. We always have fun together.
I wanted to use as much stuff that I already had as possible. My old sled, a lantern, mason jars, Epsom salt, ribbon, red berries from my backyard, magnolia leaves from a neighbor, candles, burlap, butcher paper, my dishes, and an old book were what I had to work with. For gifts for our guests, Shari made peppermint foot scrub & I found fuzzy socks at Target. My sister was sweet to print me really cute tags for the gifts!
I was excited that I sat between two ladies that I didn't know very well because I wanted to get to know them.
While I was at church, Ron took the girls to Chick-Fil-A for dinner & guess who happened to be there: Santa:).

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Girly Christmas Tree & Books!

My Christmas decorations have been in storage for the past two holiday seasons, so I was extra excited this year to decorate our home! I bought this pink tree for Ava when she was one. It's a skinny little pink tree, but I loaded it with her ornaments, ribbon, and dress-up accessories (her fairy wings & tutu & tiara).
I surprised her by having presents under it one morning this week. I saw an idea that said to wrap up Christmas books that you already have to let them open one per day. We have A LOT of Christmas books-- some from my childhood, gifts, and a few I've bought for her. I keep those books packed up with our decorations, so that we have different stories to read during December. My mom always did that for us, and it was fun!